MIPIM 2024: Our Key Takeaways

Authors: Simon Millar and Jordan Morris from Cannes

Albanwise Insurance Services was at MIPIM 2024 at Cannes last week. With 20,000+ delegates from across 90 countries1, MIPIM is the world’s largest property conference.  

Compared to previous years, turnout for the conference and exhibitions for this year were quieter than usual. But that did not stop the burgeoning conversations from flowing under the wonderful Cannes sunshine2.

People are the foundation of this industry. And MIPIM 2024 was a great networking ground, with unparalleled opportunities to forge connections and foster long-term relationships. After a spell of torrential rain followed by  some glorious sunshine, the event provided the perfect environment where people were willing to speak, willing to listen to each other – a detour from their usual day-to-day busy lives back home.

And whether through structured, pre-planned meetings or chance encounters with friends – old and new – it was indeed a fruitful one week for us; an opportune platform to also to get up and close, understand our clients and prospects better, get to know the top issues and themes running on their minds.

There was a prevailing sense of guarded optimism, but optimism nevertheless, as we heard personal accounts of  new developmental projects in the UK, previously mothballed, now given a fresh lease of life and re-energised against the backdrop of a possible drop in interest rates in the UK. With the Bank of England set to announce its decision with respect to its current bank rate3 this week, it will be worthwhile to see how some these developmental projects unfold over time. It was also encouraging to hear investment prospects for the UK looking up, and in fact, a banker we spoke to was particularly bullish about the UK, one of the main targets for investment growth for them in 2024.

Albanwise Insurance Services also hosted a lunch at the Le Mido, and a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for what was a sociable lunch indeed.

As we reflect back over the insights gained over the course of four days, and most importantly, the relationships fostered, we can say with certainty that this has been our best MIPIM yet. Our pile of business cards and the slew of genuine follow up meetings booked are all a testimony to this year’s highly productive event.

So, thank you, MIPIM for another eventful and interesting edition at the Cannes. See you in 2025!

Simon is the CEO at Albanwise Insurance Services and Jordan is the Business Development Executive at Albanwise Insurance Services. To connect with them or our team, drop a note  here . Do give our post-event coverage on LinkedIn a read here.

1. 2024 statistics reported on MIPIM’s website: https://www.mipim.com/

2.  Early thoughts from MIPIM 2024 shared by our CEO on LinkedIn.

3. Bank of England: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/the-interest-rate-bank-rate

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