Albanwise Insurance Services participates in the LandAid Sleepout 2024 to end youth homelessness in the UK

Alongside our colleagues from the wider group, Albanwise Wallace Estates, we joined hands with Land Aid to end youth homelessness by participating in a sleepout across multiple locations in the UK. We’ve raised over £11k in funding making us one of the top fundraisers in the country for the event.
By Team Albanwise Insurance Services

A silent crisis is lurking around the streets of UK – youth homelessness.

Here are some hard facts to illustrate this point.

Last year, 136,000 young people asked for help from their local councils because they were experiencing or at the risk of homelessness.[1] If we have to slice and dice this data even further, 1 in 52 young people are homeless or at the risk of homelessness in the UK. [2]

As property industry professionals it is imperative that we wake up to homelessness, do our part in raising awareness across our network, and most importantly, take action and be a force for good. Everyone deserves a roof over their head. And for a young person, a safe and secure home, is a step towards a future that is stable, rewarding and fulfilling.

Being the force for good

On  March 7, 2024, Albanwise Insurance Services alongside colleagues from the wider group, Albanwise Wallace Estates braved the elements  by participating in the Land Aid Sleepout across multiple locations in the UK. Armed with our sleeping bags, blankets, steel will and determination, we were ready to spend the night out in the open.

“My main memory is breathing in cold air which chilled me to the core, literally. No number of layers can deal with that, and yet there are people doing it night after night in less clement weather than we enjoyed,” recalls Simon Millar, CEO, Albanwise Insurance Services who participated in the sleepout from Cambridge. Reveals Oscar Camilleri, Claims Handler, Albanwise Insurance Services  who participated in the sleepout from London, “It was quite an eye opener for me. Contrary to popular belief, most victims are homeless not by choice but are either escaping abuse and difficulties at home or have been left in a position where they are unable to afford to pay the rent due to job loss or sickness. If it weren’t for LandAid and similar organisations, these people would be virtually invisible, ignored by society, and with no tangible support to rely on”

Says Carl Dunbar, Client Manager at Albanwise Insurance services “I attended the London sleepout with several hundred others who all wanted to help raise funds and awareness for this charity. I did wake up at times throughout the night and despite many layers and my sleeping bag I could not get warm. It was a tough night but at least  I was in a secure and safe place – the homeless across the UK are not as lucky as I was. I came away feeling fortunate and also having a desire to help out the next time I see a homeless person by offering some food or drink.”

Informs Paul Gauld, Group Head of IT at Albanwise Wallace Estates, “For over 130,000 young people across the UK sleeping rough, sofa surfing, or displaced because of an unhealthy domestic life, this is their life everyday without the hope of an end in sight.”

Taking proactive initiatives

Whilst our aim was to raise awareness around the issue, as property professionals, we believe that we have a pivotal role in ending youth homelessness by taking proactive steps.

In order to support charities delivering life changing services to young people who have nowhere else to turn, Albanwise Wallace Estates raised over £11k of funds towards the cause, making us one of the top fundraisers overall in the country. If you would still like to donate, here’s your chance:

Youth homelessness is a complex issue that needs immediate attention and action.

To see a change in the world, we must be the agents of change.

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