Flood Protection – what can be done?

Our Senior Account Handler, Richard Brooks, provides some points to consider.

I attended the Flood Re Expo at the NEC in Birmingham and one word that kept coming up was ‘resilience’.

With flooding become much more common there is a need to anticipate, react and recover. So what can be done to minimise flooding?

Whether there is potential flooding from surface water, burst pipes or rivers, there is a need for maintenance.

Properties can also be retro-fitted to mitigate from flood damage. This can include flood walls, door barriers, air bricks that do not allow water in, pipe valves that allow water out but not in, submersible pumps and water monitoring systems.

Barriers to this can be that costs to retrofit can be expensive, there can be a lack of take up and once fitted this may not look attractive. If a property is listed, it may also need building consent.

What is clear is that we need to make homes more resilient as 1 in 6 homes is prone to flooding, and the cost of flood damage in England alone averages around £1.1 billion/year (Environmental Agency 2023).

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