Water claims: What information do insurers need from you? 

Author: Caroline Bullard

Damage caused  by water leaks, classed as ‘escape of water’ by insurers is a standard feature in your insurance policy.

Escape of water by definition, is damage caused by water escaping in your building, from any tank, pipe, or water bearing apparatus such as a radiator. It is different from flooding from a river or surface water and is not to be confused with damage caused by external water sources, such as rainwater leaking from your roof, which would be classed as water ingress.  In a previous blog, we have explored what is covered under a claim in the event of an escape of water.

An important step in the process is to disclose the required information and details to your insurer while reporting your claim. 

Information to share with insurers

When reporting a water claim, insurers would normally require the following information:

  • -Policy number
  • -Incident address
  • -Date of the damage or when did you discover the damage
  • -Cause of the damage
  • -Photos of the damage
  • -Two quotes for repairs for the resultant water damage
  • -Details of occupancy

However, these are some of the standard questions, and not a comprehensive list– as they might differ from one insurer to another.  Examples of other questions might include the extent of the damage or if the damage is on a commercial property or block of residential flats.

You can find who your insurer is by looking at the policy documents sent to you at policy inception, or at renewal. More information on our claims page.

It is essential to provide as much information as possible from the outset. For example, if there has been more than one insurer on cover; providing the date of loss will ensure a claim is dealt with by the correct insurer.

In the event of a claim, reasonable steps should be taken to mitigate the loss.  The insurer will require proof (repair invoice) that the cause of the escape of water has been repaired. Any valid claim would be subject to the relevant building policy excess as listed on your policy documents.

Have a question about water claims? Albanwise Insurance Services is proud to have a knowledgeable team with years of experience. Should you have any queries whether it is about water leaks or  claims, contact  us here

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